I am back!

Hey guys! I know I haven’t keep my word about writing on blog, I was so busy lately, my life is a mess, I can’t organize and I even can’t do what I love most : to write on my blog. Belive me I was sitting in front of my laptop for hours and letters couldn’t create words and words just didn’t want to create sentences and so on. I don’t know what I need to be back to where I was before but I’ll figure it out someday, maybe. I tought that I should write this to you because I fell like you need an explination  about me not writing anymore. I am trying harder to create something but I don’t want to post anymore without content or somnting relatable about my pics like I am doing today. So forgive me about abandoning you, I’ll try harder. 



Buna fetelor! Stiu ca am lipsit o perioada foarte mare de pe blog, am fost foarte ocupata si dezorganizata si nu am avut inspiratie sa scriu cum scriam de obicei. Stii acel moment cand pur si simplu te asezi in fata laptopului si vrei sa scrii dar cuvintele nu ies pur si simplu? Nu? Eh, mie asa mi se intampla si mi se intampla foarte des in ultima perioada motiv pentru care am ales sa stau deoparte chiar daca v-am promis altceva. Am incept multe proiecte insa voi incerca din rasputeri sa imi revin in ceea ce priveste scrisul si sa le pot aseza, aici, pe hartia virtuala, cat mai rapid pentru ca vreau sa le impartasesc cu voi.





HAT : kotton

BOOTS : stradivarius

BAG : franco ferri

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